39 Hulbert Ave., My Favorite House Listed For Sale on Nantucket

39 Hulbert Ave. is my favorite house listed for sale on Nantucket. The house is located in Brant Point and is listed for $15,750,000. The house is a wonderful turn of the century waterfront home which has breathtaking views of the Nantucket Harbor. It is by far one of the most beautiful locations on the island of Nantucket. Check out the listing at Maury People Sotheby’s International Realty http://www.themaurypeople.com/nantucket-real-estate-sales.php?link_id=75352


4 Responses

  1. Hi there, just discover your blog through bing, and found that it is really informative. I couldn’t find your Feed to keep updated. Do you have one?

    • Hi Roni, I just added the RSS Feed on Your Nantucket Realtor. I’ve added a few new features as well. Still a work in progress but thank you so much for visiting my blog! Check it out again, I would love any feedback you may have. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m pretty convinced I read those lines already but the blog had a different theme.Did change your style? or maybe your articles has been copied!

    • Hi Arlen, Thank you for your comment. I have pulled some of the information from our Nantucket Listing Service so you may see the information on other websites as well. I am trying to make my blog a “one stop shop”. It is still a work in progress. I just added the two features where you can sign up via email to receive the posts or by RSS Feed. Take a look because it may be something that interests you. Thank you for taking the time to view Your Nantuket Realtor! Thank you,
      Susan Chambers

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